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I'm married and a mother of 3 daughters. Also a Grandma ! I'm 52 years old. I was diagnosed with stage 4 well differentiated adenocarcinoma pancreatic cancer on 12-20-10. My cancer is at the tail end of the pancreas and in the lungs and random nodules peppered thru my abdomen. I had surgery on 1-6-11 but they stopped when they found all the nodules in my abs. So, the surgery did nothing. I'm putting all my hope in God. He's the Great Physicion. I had 10 treatments of folfirnox. Then 19 treatments of Gemzar.I had my spleen and gallbladder removed on 9-21-11. They found at the time that the cancer was only in the pancreas. (4-12) back on 5FU because the Gemzar stopped working for me. The pancreas tumor is slighly bigger and the lung nodules are slightly bigger. Praying for a miricle. 09-12 Started Abraxane/ Gemzar Combo. FU5 no longer working. I had 38 treatments of Gem/Abrx. Tumors growing in my abdominal and tumor marker going up. 12/13 changed treatments again. Went on Folfox. Side effects got worse. Not feeling well.

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