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Wow!  Two great posts in one night, I am so excited to have this information to research! Thank you cpmty, I'll most definitely look in to this info. God bless you and your loved ones.



Thanks so much for your post, I also have stage 4 neuroendocrine (carcinoid Syndrome) I ts seems to be in remission at present. I just had my 2nd injection of SandoStatin LAR on the 23rd...this drug seems to be very good. I am praying everyday for GOD to just see me through any pain I might experience. I don't think anyone knows how BAD the abdominal pains can become in the bowel and liver, but I know I can tell some one how bad they can become! This is the pain I pray GOD see me through or will keep me from! Lets just keep praying for one another and staying in touch, thanks again for your post...My GOD richly bless you and your family.

Sincerely Don

Thank you cp...sorry I did'nt reply back sooner, my daughter from down from NJ to see me because of this cancer. She's not happy either, no daughter would be! I am hope this thursday whenI recieve my 2nd SandoStatin shot I can talk more on removing the primary cancer in my sm. bowel. This is wher I am having 75% of my problems! Meanwhile me, my family, all my friends (including you) will keep praying for each other, and hope our treatments are well thought out by our Doctors.


Sincerely Don

Hi Lauri

Thank you for posting on my behalf...I hope the doctors fine any tumors you may have soon! I wish I could say the sme for myself,but they say my major cancer in my sm bowel is inoperable. I am looking to see if after two more sandoStatin shots it may shrink enough to remove, I hope so because I exprience much pain and for long periods of time from it! I need too have it removed!

 Living in Australia must be nice, I aways dreamed about the outback, if you know what I mean? I guess you could call it a man thing, anyway I like adventure and Australia just always seem like the place to go for me! Hope your mom is doing well, as well as yourself. I will be getting my 2nd shot on the 23 of May and also seeing my Doc. I just keep fighting this cancer with The Grace of GOD and The Love of Jesus Christ. My whole family is christian, I have 7 children and 6 grandchildren and we pray for GOD to heal any of us. We pray as a family to help others also...I just want you to know we'll be placing you and your mom on our prayer list of rquests. If you want send me a friend request and join our family cancer page, you're welcome to join.

 Well take care, stay in touch, and keep in prayer.

Your friend in the Fight for Healing Don

You're very weclome...thats hat we're here for to help each other...w/ knowlegde, caring, support, and first hand information. Just to name a few...I just wish I had the money or medical Ins. to seek this Doctor. Anyway I except and will fight aggressively the cancer I have with Prayer and preserverince!  God Bless you, your family and loved ones...Sincerely Don

Try this link for Dr. M. Choti...I think you'll be surprised?



Thank you dcollie once again for your reply...it was well taken. I hope to at lease exhaust every possible chance of having my surgery. I know if it does'nt get removed I am only going to have troubles down the road. I've been trusting Doctors to help me, but my full trust is in Jesus Christ  Luke 18:27 And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.

  Thank you for stopping and finding my posts.  I am so inspired by your testimonial recovery...God bless you!

  I wish mine was the same?  I go to the VA Hospital in Salisbury,NC. I'v e been extreme pleased with their medical professionalism and knowledge of this cancer. The only bad news is they told me that my surgery is too risky? But I said are'nt all surgery's ricky. They said there's a major Artery feeding the Primary cancer in my sm bowel and they would'nt try to preform the surgery/ Anyway what can I say, I am still challenging them on this , I going to meed with the Surgery Board w/ my Oncologist and try to have it done some how? Thanks again for your concern and advice...  

God Bless you  DON

Hi Linda...I am very happy to have a reply I can really relate and respond to. My name is Don...Heavy is a title one of my brother's gave me years ago...anyway from reading your post I feel you're not a rookie! So just in cast you don't know "I only found out on April 3, 2013 that I have Carciniod Syndrome Stage 4. Just for openers I want to share some incidents I've experienced since my injection on March 25th...it has'nt been good...but since this is all new for me I am not sure of any of this?  I will say this...I am sorry you took my comment about being a "victim" the wrong way.  I am a Christian Evangelist, married...we have 7 children and 6 grandchildren. What does this have to with "victim" We believe in my family, base on The Bible that Satan can attack christians as well as non-christians with infirmities. Christians are just aware of who's behind the attacks! I am not worried about anything this cancer can dish out...but is does help to talk to others who are going through the same cancer. (or any sickness for that matter)

 Here goes...1hr after my 1st injection @ 11:00 on 25th, I started to feel something happening @ ALL my cancer sites!  They all started as dull pains and 7 hrs later I was thinking I must be nuts to have believed this would work! The major cancer site, my sm. bowel was heading for a 7-10, my liver was a 7 and I felt pain under my heart and Rt lung! Approx 12 hrs after the shot, I was SHOT! I finally somehow fell asleep. The next day(26th) I was fine, I could'nt believe it? The (27th) was the same...I was even advocating it's results to family and friends, I was impressed, I thought?  Bad day on the (28th) The next day (29th) was ok, (30th) I knew what I was heading for, on the (1st) it slowed down, but remained constant. (long nights and little rest) The (2nd) came along...I was taken by surprise in the evening, most of the night! NOW today, into the morning I thought I just do some yard work and not worry...BAD Idea! I had an old attack I was very familar with that hit me...The REAL deal was starting, no one around for help I could only hold on until 8-10 pains slowed down and I stopped vomiting! I was weak, dizzy, and lightheaded.  These kind of attacks I've been having for 7 years now!  They come when ever they feel like it...the nice thing about them is I can get prepaired for them...after that it's a fight, maybe for an hour or all day...like right NOW!  I've place this problem I have in The LORD's hands... I don't know if it will ever go away, but you can ask anyone I am a fighter and I don't give up or give in! GOD has taught me alot from this cancer and is teaching me still. Well I need to go, I didn't want to get so wrap up with this post...I have much more I'd like to share...maybe another time...I need to go to prayer and find the only comfort and peace I know "That comes from my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ"

Thank you cpmty for the support and ad advise....I'll definitly look into your recomandations .   Don

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