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    Yesterday at 9:28 PM
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      Thanks for the reply friends! I hope you are all feeling well! Last Thursday Kevin had a consult at the University of Cincinnati to explore doing proton delivered radiation instead of photon. I’m curious if anyone here did that? We are waiting to see if our insurance covers it. If they deny approval the center will challenge them with appeal. I’m gathering published data that supports this modality for low grade...

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        February 13 at 12:36 AM
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          Hi Keith and all, My 52 yr old husband KP has confirmed Dx this month with inoperable diffuse stage II wild type astroctyoma involving the right anterior and medial temporal lobe, inculding medulla, hippocampus and temporal operculum.  We live in Indiana.  His history was he had vauge sypmtoms for 6+ months that were being evaluated by GP as panic attack.  For a couple months they went away altogether...

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