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    Rick, you can do it! I am three years out from my initial GBM ressection surgery. Keep a positive attitude, eat well. Keep your body strong so it can withstand the treatments that are going to save you. Find reasons to laugh and be interested in life. You've got this. xx

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      Hey Dude,  Glad to hear you're in New York. I had surgery with Dr. Jeffrey Bruce at Columbia 2 years ago, and he is the best. They have a whole brain tumor team there who can work with you on diagnosis and treatment. Definitely make an appointment to see him. The neuro oncologist there is Dr. Andrew Lassman, and he is top notch as well. I had surgery there as well as the 6 weeks of RT + Temodar and I'm on my se...

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        Hi JodiC, My heart is with you and your family. I was diagnosed with grade 4 GBM when I was 25 in September 2015. I am now in my second year of monthly temodar, while living and working in Hong Kong! I had surgery and first 6 weeks of treatment at Columbia University in NYC with Dr. Jeffrey Bruce. He is amazing. I also had a consult with Dr. Linda Liau, who is similarly amazing, and uncoincidentally, Dr. Bruce and D...

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