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RE: Polio Virus Clinical

by huxley2006 - May 30 at 6:50 PM

Thanks Ottooh,

My friend is in a tough place right now.

Sent him your recommnedation along with a few others. Hopefully it helps him.


Polio Virus Clinical

by huxley2006 - May 10 at 6:41 PM

Hi group.

Its been a while since i have been on this board but wondering if anyone  on this board is doing the Phase 2 Polio Clincial right now. Have a  GBM friend tight who is looking for good clinicals. 

Wondering if anyone has any feedback on this Clinical or can recommned an alternate clinical for my friend. He has a GBM reoccrence after standard treatment.

He will go anywhere in the US or potentially overseas if neccessry.

Thanks Everyone!


Hello Ghog,

24 years (or something like that) 

Started as as a grade 2 PXA. Progressed a bit since then  (GBM or anaplastic astrocytoma depending on the path you read) and have had a couple of reoccurrences and surgeries but so far so good. Clean scans since 2010



RE: DCVax-L for GMB stage 4

by huxley2006 - November 05, 2015

One thing you may want to check into is a lot of these Hospitals insist you have the surgery at their facility to qualify for the trial.

You can call and check.




I hope she goes back as well.

I spent many weeks just going through the motions of personhood but not really connecting (more or less a ghost).

Work, purpose and a steady routine really helped me reconnect to my circumstances and family.


Radiation should help slow the progress of the disease. By in large you can expect a worsening of symptoms over time.

The Dex should help alleviate the worst if the symptoms in the near term.

Avastin may also be utilized to lessen the symptoms caused by the swelling.

You should ask your doctor about that.

There is no cure but timeline to progression is anyone's guess.

Dex and Avastin should be able to drastically improve his quality of life and (in the case of avastin)  potentially prolong it



I can tell you I actually went to work every day during treatment. I took the subway to Columbia and then after Radiation took a subway to my office downtown.

I am in my 40's.

The initial treatment for Brain Tumors (Surgery, Temador and Radiation) is not usually debilitating.

Every situation is different but treatment itself doesn’t need to necessarily stop her from moving forward with her life.



RE: Rash on Temodar

by huxley2006 - October 20, 2015

Yes, had Rash on Temador during the 11 and 12 month. Took some bendryl while taking the temador and that seemed to do the trick.






She can gladly have mine if she doesnt have it already.



Who would fake a grade 3 inoperable Brian tumor????

That is some pretty bad Karma (even if you don’t believe in Karma)

Easier ways to scam a little money and take time off work with probably less cosmic payback.




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