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    My dad has high grade localized prostate cancer with gleason score 9 and psa 58. Doctor has asked him to undergo TURP surgery before starting RT/HT. What are the side effects of TURP surgery? any side effects that can interfere with cancer treatment?

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      Thank you for all you valuable suggestions. My dad is to undergo RT+HT. But before that doc has advised him to undergo TURP as he has difficulty urinating. I was thinking that HT can shrink the tumor and will improve the urinary problem but now it looks like he has to undergo TURP before RT+HT. Could you please let me know the following? 1. What are the side effects of TURP? Has anyone undergone TURP before RT+HT?...

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        My dad is 70 and diagnosed with prostate cancer. his Gleason score is 9, PSA 58 and grade 5 prostate cancer. Biopsy shows >95% cancer cells in prostate gland. Cancer has not spread anywhere yet except seminal vesicle and prostate capsule. We have visited few doctors for opinion. Few of them suggested RT plus ADT. Few of them suggested surgery to remove Prostate/seminal vesicle followed by radiation if needed....

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