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    My mother has had carcinoid for many years. She's 84. Last month, she began experiencing forgetfulness and confusion. She has also been losing weight rapidly and feels much weaker. All this is after many, many years of well controlled disease. Today, the MD told her that the CT scan showed significant growth in the tumors in her intesting. He doesn't recommend chemo or a chemoembolization and told her she had about s...

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      I can offer you some encouragement. My mother experienced her first symptoms of carcinoid in March 1981--flushing, GI pain, etc. She is a nurse, and she and her friends did some research and decided that she had carcinoid. Doctors always dismissed her theory. In 2000, she switched to a new provider, who did the 5H test and diagnosed her with carcinoid .She gets sandostatin and had a debulking surgery in 2010. She's h...

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      • LindaTrue

        LindaTrue Thanks for being my friend. Now I don't feel quite so alone! I wish you and your Mother the best...

        January 02, 2016
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