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    Hello, I found this article for potential new forms of therapy.  "Many forms of cancer have been treated using systemic radiotherapeutics, which can destroy cancer cells, their ability to replicate or both. However, these drugs may also attack other, healthy tissues on their way to the target tumour, which results in severe side-effects for the patient and explains why radiotherapy can have such a profound ne...

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      Anti-PD-1 is new study.. I actually just found it and I am kinda optimistic about this... Take a look about this research here http://www.evolving-science.com/bioengineering/new-hope-old-melanoma-treatment-study-indicates-potential-anti-pd-1-novel-combination-00536

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        Hey, how are you? Thanks for info! I will try your app! Is it in store? I came here because I was actually looking info about this newest device that detects melanoma!  http://www.evolving-science.com/bioengineering-bio-technology/edermatology-upcoming-device-aims-enhance-melanoma-detection-00450 What  do you think about it? It is really nice product and I am looking to get it. Before that Ill try you...

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