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Stage IV SCC originating from SCC skin cancer on neck. IMVHO the staging for mine is anomalous due to rigid, somewhat simplistic staging rules, and is actually closer to Stage III (under prior rules it would have been classed Stage III). A modified radical neck dissection removed the original skin lesion near back of jaw, 22 regional lymph nodes, and the parotid gland on that side. Pathology found original skin lesion (already knew this from punch biopsy) plus 6 regional lymph nodes involved with SCC (we already knew about 2 of them from fine needle biopsies). Surgery was followed by 31 daily sessions of adjuvant radiation therapy which was finished mid-April 2010. Coping with various, very long-term and/or permanent radiotherapy side effects including some ongoing fatigue (the thyroid is still functioning well) and major xerostomia (lack of saliva) which causes numerous dental and eating issues and is a general PITA.

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