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Hi, my name is James. I was diagnosed 4 months ago with RCC on my right kidney approx 110x110x100mm in size. When they detected the cancer I had a CT of my lungs which showed 8 growths from 1 to 8mm in size.

I had my kidney out about 10 weeks ago, healing well but when I had my follow up CT scan the cancers in my lungs had increased to 22 and the ones there before had increased by 30%.

I have just started Sutent, it is not a cure but it can radiclly reduce the growh and spread to other organs and increases servival times.

I was scared at first, but not so much now, I sugest that you start to read about Sutent, there is a great link on Utube with a number of cases were some people have been lucky and have had long remission times after being on Sutent.

I would suggest that you look at Chee Gong exercises, this mainly breathing and relaxation exercises.

Stay positive and stay strong, GOOD LUCK James

On Apr 23, 2010 7:22 PM cecilkidder wrote:

Hi, Re: Sutent, stick with it.  The side effects are worth it.  Compared to Nexavar it does a better job. We chose Nexavar after Sutent was so miserably handicapping. But the progression was speeded up.  With Nexavar you have to watch when you eat (your stomach has to be empty for the full effect).  You might feel better but it doesn't seem to work as well.  We have exceeded the statistics on survival rates and are very pleased to be seeing another spring and summer.  Just remember, it is not a cure, it only delays the growth of the RCC by cutting off the ability to reproduce at a rapid rate, and starving the tumors with less blood supply.   We were able to travel a couple of years ago and take care of the grandchildren.  04-22-10.  A kidney was removed in 2002, adrenal metastasis in 2007- 2008-2010 on oral medication with metastasis in liver, lungs, and bone.  So far the only limits are tiredness no pain yet, but getting there with bone pain (aches).  So you have to decide yourself, a more active life or a longer life???


I have just started Sutent 50mm 3 weeks ago, into my 4th week now. On completion I have a 2 week break, so far, little side efffects, Tast change, sore down my right side were the kidney was taken 2 months ago, other than that nothing else.

I am feeling better by doing Chee Gong, which helps with breathing and relaxing.

I hope with the sutent I can get well past the 2-3 years I was originally given

Good Luck to ALL


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Hi my name is James and I was diagnose with stage 4 Clear Cell Carcenoma 4 months ago, I had my right kidney removed and at that time my CT scan showed 8 tumors im my Lungs from 1 to 8mm in size, my latest scan now shows 22 tumors and the previous 8 have increased in size by 30%, the largest is now 11mm. Luckly, it has not spread to my brain or bones yet. I have just started Sutent 3 weeks ago and hope to have a good responce

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