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I agree with you never really gave it much thought. If it had not been mentioned in a prior post it would never have crossed my mind. In my mind it is no different then my youngest sister needing glasses at a very young age and the rest of us didn't need them until we hit our late forties. Just luck of the draw.
Have to say of the four siblings in my family I was the only one with teeth problems. No cavities but teeth would break off eating a soft peanut butter sandwich . The breaks would be below the gum line resulting in root canals and crowns. Not sure if the radiation was the problem to the fact that I was the only one who was not living in a natural fluoride area when the adult tooth buds formed. I also has strange enamel on my teeth. My brother is a dentist and he always said my enamel looked like a sandblaster was used on them. Again have no idea why the other three have beautiful enamel and no crowns, root canals or cavities . I guess I will wonder if the radiation therapy had a hand in that.

On Jul 16, 2014 5:46 PM erbsen wrote:

Hi Judianne:

      I'm one who had this radiation in 1940-41 I believe.

It was the state of medicine at that time.  That's why it was done to so many.  I have not had any bad consequences from it-ie-thyroid cancer, etc but even if I had I would not be suing someone at this late date.  Most people involved are probalby long gone and I suspect there is a long ago statute of limitations on things like this.  Just my suggestion,  get on with your life! Assuming you are still alive.

All the best,


PS-my father was a heavy duty lawyer!  I'm a dentist.

I agree with Barry it was an accepted practice at the time it was not done to cause harm to anyone. When I had my first scan done back in the 70's I joked with the nuclear medicine dr that I will get another recall in twenty years because this causes something. He said you never know. The Drs only can do what is available at the time for treatment and this was a standard treatment. I have never felt suing someone was a logical thing to do when it was an accepted medical procedure at the time. Drs after all are human and can only practice in the realm of what knowledge is available at the time. Hindsight is always 20/20. Jane
I was radiated at two months of age (aorox 11/22/49). It was done because I could not keep formula/breast milk down. My mother was a registered nurse who worked in the same hospital. It was a standard procedure at the time used to shrink the thymus gland so that I could swallow. I was given two doses the routine was three doses but I was able to keep liquid down after two. I have had many a thyroid scan done over the years. I ended up with a very over active thyroid. According to the tech I registered the highest numbers she ever saw on a thyroid uptake test. I was given medication but it did not calm the thyroid down so it had to be radioactively killed off and is now totally inactive and I am on levithroxin to replace the thyroid in my system. Other than that my health has been fairly uneventful. I am considered per diabetic .

In 1949 when I was 2 months old I received ratiation treatment for an enlarged thymus gland.  I could not keep food down and they where worried about my losing weight.  My mother was an RN and she said it was standard procedure to treat the enlarged thymus gland with ratiation therapy at that time.  I was to get three doses and I actually only need two as after the second treatment i was able to keep food down thus not needing the third treatment.  I do not know how far apart the doses where.   

When I was in my twenties the hospital that did the radiation treatments send a "recall" notice telling me that in some cases thyroid cancer occured approx 20 to 30 years after the treatments and I should get a regular thyroid scan.  Which I did for the next ten years when I was told I no longer need the scan.  

When I was in my fifties I had a very over active thyroid according to the tech who did my thyroid up take test I had the highest number they ever saw for an overactive thyroid.  They used radiation to kill off the thyroid and now I take synthetic thyroid meds.  Do not know if the overactive thyroid is due to the childhood ratiation or if it due to the fact that thyroid issues gallop thru the females in my family especially those of us who have had children after age 35.

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