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    Hi little debbie, I'm sorry you've also had to undergo brain cancer like I did over 2 years ago . I think TGAT from a personal point of view s who survive obviously undergo a terrible body mind soul shock as it seems to hit one from nowhere . In my case I ve been through change if country left a home husband and having spoken to a cancer counselor here in my new city of this same problem her advice to me was to co...

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    Hi I'm 58never sick in life and worked a 17 hr restaurant day dx with gd4tumour found myself paralyzed on left side . They removed a lot of the tumor and gave me a large dose od steroids and cortisone befor operation I recuperated my moments after three weeks intensive sled mostly determinative force the physiology therapists allowed me to finally use a treadmill and cyclrpe foe half hour a day I had one epileptic crisis shortly after the operation dr s thought maybe I would walk again in about six months if lucky .my left hand still has less strength than my right hand but I'm independent TG I was on 7weeks radiology with thermadol each day .try said I cannot swim or drive for one year until after the operation I will have an MRI at the end of this month having had now a break from the chemotherapy and radium fir 4weeks I came to this site in looking up Thermador . I will now go into 6months os 1/ week /month of an higher dose of thermador when I spark to the local Dr s about eating methods I get the same response eavpch time that as long as we eat a balanced diet it makes no difference .then I read Neville servant shriekers book and he specifically encourages certain foods .I am intereted in other peoples opinions on this matter sometimes I get tired and I simply sleep most days I make sure ti go for a long energetic walk as I heard tat it is very good for cancer treatments and I'm also grateful that I can now walk I take time to meditare and a friend suggested I should go tame up Thai chi as a firm of meditation do any of you agree with this ?

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