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My Husband got diagnosed with brain cancer Glioblastoma stage 4 early Feb of 2012 on his Right Temperol Lobe. He had 7 weeks long of Radiation Treatments along with Tumodar Chemo pills. He lost alot of weight during that Treatment, somedays he got very sick in his stomach from the Tumodar & woke up so many nights with BAD headache!! I feel so sorry for him...wish I could just take all those pains away from him...it's just so hard to see someone you love going through pain like that:-( May 31st, he had his MRI at UW Medical saw Dr. Mrugala his Neuro-Oncologist up there and the Result of the 1st round of treatment wasn't good. Dr. Mrugala told us that the swelling in the brain is down but the cancer is back and that's NOT good, he said:-( So he is now on his 2nd round of treatment Avastin & Carboplatin. He will be going to UW Medical Center next Wednesday July 11 for his 6 weeks MRI at 3pm & will see his Neuro-Oncologist Dr. Mrugala at 4:30pm. Will continue to pray for some kind of good news. We have 2 boys age 15 yrs old & the younger one, he will be 10 years old on July 17. My Husband retired from the US Navy January of 2010 after 22 years in service. We were looking forward to have new life outside the Military but now found ourselves dealing with Steve having Brain Cancer:-(

Latest update from MRI this past Wednesday July=11-2012....Dr. Mrugala walked into the room with a great big smile on his face & told us that the MRI looks very good and that the Treatment of Avastin & Carboplatin is working. We are very happy & thankful to hear the wonderful news. Today is October-20-2012. So far his last 3 MRI came out good. Next MRI will be November 14-12.
MRI on November 14 showed that the Original Tumor is still stablized but there is a new " Spot" in the same area where the big tumor was taken out during his brain surgery on January 30-2012. Still waiting for the call from his Neuro-Oncologist up at UW Medical to see if Steve will go for another brain surgery. What a long difficult road!!
The MONSTER is back so Steve will be going for another Brain Surgery on December-7-2012 at University Of Washington Medical.
Surgery on December-7-2012 went well. His Neurosurgeon Dr. Silbergeld removed 90% of the tumor.
Today is December-29-12.Steve is recovering good but "slow" from his last surgery. His balance seems to be getting worse:-( and I have noticed that his short term memory is not too good now. In the past few days, he has had few falls. I have to help him with almost every basic things now.
Today is January-30-13. Steve had MRI on Jan-23-13. MRI imaging showed rapid progression of tumor and new tumor by the brain stem area. Friday Jan-25-13, I was told the dreaded news by his Neuro-Oncologist that my beloved husband of 19 years has less than 6 months to live:-(

I lost my Beloved Husband and Best Friend of 19 years years at 2:10pm Washington State time today after an 12 months courageous battle with deadly Brain Tumor GBM. I miss him greatly, but am thankful that it is over and he is free from cancer, suffering , pain and now resting in the arms of Jesus. I have learned so much about the Brain, Life and Death through this difficult journey. I am thankful that I was able to fulfill his wishes and tried my very best to provide the very best care & loved him through his last breath today February-28-2013. I Love you Honey....together we have build a very good life together. You have been a Great husband to me & Dad to our 2 sons Jon 15 and Austin 10 years old. I will always forever Love you & Cherish all the great memories we have shared together.

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