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    Hi All - Has anyone had any experience with the drug called Tarceva taken orally and combined with IV chemo for Pancreatic cancer?  My husband has just been approved to take this treatment but the side effects look horrifying.  He is already nauseous and hardly eats anything, and this appears to be one of the side effects.

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    I am the Sales Director for Southern Africa for a major Telecommunications company. We have three sons, two studying, so still Dependants, and one working in IT. My husband was also in the Telco space but obviously cannot work anymore as he was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer with liver Metastasis on 21st March 2011. We spent an agonizing few days finding the correct Oncologist whilst my husband got progressively sicker and sicker. We have started Chemo (3 month in cycles) and have been approved to start the drug TARCEVA. I have been researching this drug and the side effects look horrendous!! To make matters worse my husband now has jaundice too, so his skin and eyeballs are extremely yellow - he has no appetite - everything tastes ghastly and his sense of humor that I have loved so much over the past 22 years has all but disappeared. We live in the country on a golf estate and am surrounded by a lot of people who care about my husband. I too am one of those strong people but have moments of such anger and despair! This is all still very new but I already feel completely overwhelmed by it all. I cannot believe that my husband can go from being really well to so completely sick in 4 weeks!!

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