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    I heard that accupressure is also being used on the feet for neurapathy.Where can I learn accupressure?

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      Hello Charlie, Is your dog still with you? Im sorry for months later response..not computer literate and lost where to find this.I still have my boy I have been treating him with graviola,chinese herbs, mushrooms, and ncd2 drops. No more dog food at all ..all home cooked.I also found out that cornsilk tea is great for bladder problems..I steep a cup for him in the am and pour over his food.He still has blood in the ...

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        thank you!!

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          Hello, My dog was diagnosed with bladder cancer just about 6 months ago.Ive kept him on carprofen and just started cbd oil,He is squatting more frequent Im getting really worried. I live in NYS..I see your post was2012...is Shelby still alive? Please advise.. thank you, Jenny M

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            I just joined this group in hopes of finding someone who actually beat bladder cancer in their dog.My dog had blood in his urine and the vet prescribed 2 rounds of antibiotics initially .Then an x ray to rule out stones,then the ultrasound revealed a mass.Vet says they are pretty sure it is cancer,to confirm a variety of testing would have to be performed. Since this diagnosis I have been extremely upset and am sear...

            February 05, 2018 view discussion
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