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RE: Hope4cancer clinic

by jesichashope - June 10 at 3:57 PM

It is unwise to recommend to anyone where to go. I believe everyone should look at a list of places people suggest then make up their own minds. We did this when looking for the right place for my daughter. Hope 4 Cancer was the place that when she talked to Dr Jimenez on the phone felt right to her. We went on her decision. I have never regretted it. 


I am not part of them, never have been. I do my own advocating and support for anyone, doesn't matter where you go or what you do.  I have probably helped hundreds over the years since my daughter died. I have seen people go to places in many countries from Mexico, Peru, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, etc. you have no idea. I have seen good results and some horrible ones. So the person that did that link doesn't have a clue. Someone did some research, and discovered who it was, they had a profiting agenda. You have to be careful. I truly don't care, the hundreds I help a year just laugh, they know who I am and the charity work I do for so many. 

@janeroe If you research any clinic  you will find bad things about it. The link to another posting about H4C claims they are a fraud. The point is the more waves you make in the alternative field the more you will be attacked, it happens, and most are all false or contrived statements. 
As for the one you posted, it is all false info. I found also this link by someone. https://cytoluminatorscams.wordpress.com/
I do my own independent advocating, I am not part of H4C, Cytoluminator, Oasis of Hope, or any number of others. 
My daughter had an enormous amount of chemo and radiation, it would not have mattered where she went, her liver and heart would have failed her. I can't blame H4C for what they did, it was not them, it was the oncologists. People fail to realize that. People blame the easiest and never who really needs to be blamed: Oncologists 

RE: Hope4cancer clinic

by jesichashope - April 06, 2019

@cazwinn - My daughter went there some years back. I have known many others that have gone. I cannot say anything bad about them. They are gracious, knowledgable and are always looking for advanced treatments to add to their list.  Yes they are pricey but then chemo, etc are outrageous, your co-pays and deductibles can send you to the poor house.  There is one place not in Mexico that is lower priced and has fantastic results too. That is in the Philippines, the trip is worth it. I have known people that have gone there too. Very good with brain cancer and other inoperable cancers. That place is called Cytoluminator and they have a new patient web page called ourcancerspot.com I would check that place out too. I think you can get a three-week stay for about 35K and they also have financial aid. Hope 4 Cancer and the Cytoluminator.com place are the two with the best success rates I have found over the past 6 years.  Hope this helps. 


How have you been doing, noticed it is now a year later. 

Remembering back when I went through this with my daughter.  I know in my heart the chemo was what caused her death. And still the cancer progressed throuhg it all. If she had gone the alternative route in the beginning there would have been better results for sure. Like all things there are alternatives that are remedies and others that are professionally done. She did try some remedies along with the chemo and radiation but now I know they don't have much of an impact on something so aggressive. I hope you are doing better. Love to hear how you have been doing. 

I read about the Optune treatment. It may work, don't know. I know that the place I told you about Cytoluminator has done dozens of glioblastomas, some are kids.  I know of one child now over 5 years, hers was inoperable given a couple of months to live. Now she is in school. The treatment uses nanotechology that gets the treatment right into the cells to kill them. It is very reasonabe too. Their new patient site is up and I saw some before and afters of brain cancer. Google ourcancerspot dot com it is worth reading and contacting them. 

Cytoluminator has had very good success with their treatment plan. They have a patient site called ourcancerspot look them up, the site is extensive in the information but pretty user friendly.  
My friend with ovarian went there. She did very well with it. 

RE: Artemisinin

by jesichashope - February 13, 2019

I am going to put more on the Artemisinin than the chemo. I have seen many that have used it with tremendous success. There is a study where it is used with another supplement to boost it's benefits. If you PM me I can get that study with the name of the supplement used. 
There is a cancer center that uses it as an adjunct to the whole treatment because of it's benefits. Also children with leukemia can be saved.  
Great to see you improving. 

@LuciaB You hit on some very good things. I agree the more a place does the more the Pharmas and others set out to attack. Gets really hard for patients to know what is real reviews and what is slanderous to keep people from going.  Jesicha's Hope has its fair share and after someone volunteered to track posts it ended up going straight to a clinic we would not list as having good results.  I know one cancer centre in the Philippines realizing insurance won't pay for most people dropped the price for people to over 1/2. Wondering what Susie ended up doing. 

RE: Salicinium

by jesichashope - January 12, 2019

@monaaWuu My daughter used it for breast cancer it did not good at all.  I know that clinic she got it from at the time stopped using it years ago, probably because they saw no great effects. Don't know but I am thinking that. 
If you have cancer in the digestive system it is more than likely from a bacteria that is feeding it. Since my Jesicha, my daughter died I have spent my life finding answers. PM me and I might give you a direction to start looking. 

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