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    Has anyone ever used Essiac Tea to help treat cancer - specifically Grade II Astrocytoma (brain cancer)?  Looking for additional all natural options to supplement chemo and radiation. Thanks!

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      Thanks for sharing your story as well! I am a 52 yo female and I was recently diagnosed with a Grade II Astrocytoma (still waiting on final marker indicator of Oligodendroglioma) - had an awake-based surgery on Jan 28th, 2019.  They were able to remove 95% of tumor and my NO wants to proceed with proton radiation and chemo (Temodar).  I was more nervous about taking the chemo pill than the radiation (proton...

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      I am a 52 year old female - I was recently diagnosed with Grade II Astrocytoma and had surgery on Jan 28, 2019 - my docs are recommending additional chemotherapy and radiation treatments beginning in April.

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