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    Hey! We actually just went to the vet today to ask specifically about that. She said she did some research and consulted with a specialist and there’s no research to indicate it’s necessary but that if I wanted meds she’d give them. We opted not to right now since she’s not showing at signs of GI upset—no issues eating, no vomiting and no bloody stools. She mentioned Pepcid and Zantac as options if we wanted it. We d...

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      Hi everyone,  My rescue lab mix was diagnosed with an aggressive TCC tumor in October 2017 after struggling to determine the cause of frequent UTIs. Sammie had started constantly dripping blood when we were referred to the onvology vet for a camera exam in her urinary tract. The vet gave her days to live at that time without any intervention. With meds he gave her 4-6 months. We opted not to do the stint or che...

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