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    I`m 76 years old. Very good psychical condition. My Gleason scores were 7`s. Along with the Beam Radiation and Brachytherapy, I got Three Lupron shots. They started 2 months before the Beam and had one every 3 months. My weight gain started almost immediately. !95 to 257. I have diabetes and the weight gain was not helpful with diabetes. I have managed to lose down to 215. My objective with the T therapy was to help ...

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      I finished 24 sessions of beam radiation and Brachytherapy 11 months ago. I had concurrently with that Three (3) Lupron shots. I have had all the normal side effects. my last Lupron shot was eight months ago. The side effects have not lessened. I am curious if testosterone therapy like the rub on gel would be possible or advisable?    

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