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Hi Gene,

Thank you for your reply. My continence is improving gradually and sure I will use a physical therapist if I feel I need one.

I wish you the best.


Hi Himads,

Thank you so much for your help and reply. No, I didn't have the pathology reselts yet, I may have them on Oct. 16 when I meet my surgeon. I'm still doing my Kegel exercises and the continence is improving day by day.

Best wishes to you.


Dear forum members,


I thank everybody who tried to help me or comfort me and would like to post my update.

My incontinence started to improve yesterday and it is now around 50%. I’m still taking pain killer medications like Oxycodone and Tylenol because I still feel pain. I hope to improve daily over the next few weeks and wish good luck to everybody.


Dear All,

Sorry, I have been unable to post as my situation was so bad. I stayed 6 day in hospital after surgery unable to eat anything because of nausea and vomiting. I was just living on IV feeding. Day 7, I could eat a little bit without having nausea and throwing up my stomach contents. I was sent home on day 8 and yesterday my catheter was removed.

My problem is now total incontinence. That is 100% incontinence. It looks that my bladder got used to the catheter mechanism and is refusing to keep urine. Is this normal? What can I do to eliminate of at least reduce this complete incontinence?

Your valuable advice is greatly appreciated.

Hi all,

Here is my update:

After researching for around 5 months, I decided to go with surgery. The surgery was done on September 5, my major problem now is nausea and acidity which is causing a lot of gas in my stomach. I’m throwing up everything I eat. Doctors gave me medications for this problem, but so far nothing helped. I don’t know how long this will last. Is this normal? Your advice is greatly appreciated.

I thank everybody who provided their helpful and wonderful input regarding my PC. And would like to let you know my final decision.

I consulted a few urologists and radiation therapists and they all agreed that I have three options:


2-Radiation therapy

3-Active surveillance

If I choose radiation therapy and the cancer recurred, I will have just one choice left: hormone therapy

But if I choose surgery, I will have more than one choice available for me.

As for active surveillance, I have eliminated it at this time because I think it is a risk. I’m not sure if the cancer will stay Gleason 6 all the time or it will jump to G7, 8, or 9. No specialist could guarantee that my Gleason 6 cancer will stay Gleason 6.

So for the above reasons I will most probably choose Radical Prostatectomy.

Please let me know what you think about it?

Thanks a lot to everyone who answered.

I met my radiotherapy oncologist today and we discussed the risks, advantages and disadvantages of radiotherapy. I wanted to make sure that the cancer has not spread outside my prostate. He performed DRE on me and said it is impossible for a G6, PSA 5.7 cancer to have extra capsular extension. I asked for an MRI to confirm his opinion, but he said there is no need for that. He said my cancer is T2a. As for my N and M stages, he said the biopsy report doesn’t show that, but we don’t need it at this time. I also asked him about the effect of radiotherapy on cells and tissues (prostate, bladder, urethra, semen vesicle) and he said radiation stops cell division and I wonder when a cancer cell stops dividing and eventually dies, it is ok, but what about normal cells and what may happen if they all die?


I’m also not sure if an oncologist can decide that my prostate cancer is T2a by just performing DRE?

Is an MRI really NOT unnecessary for me at this time?

Best wishes to all.

Hi Himads,

Thank you for your answer. I wonder what are IV tubes? Could you please tell me more about them?

As for the genomic test, does every prostate cancer patient have to do it to know the aggressiveness of his cancer?

Best wishes to you for fast recovery.

Hi Himads,

Thank you for your valuable imput. I would like to know how long your surgery took and are you still suffering from its pain and how long this pain is expected to last?

Also please tell me why you chose Robotic surgery rather than Laparoscopic surgery?

I wish you fast recovery.

Dear all,

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few days ago and my urologist says, after introducing the results of the biopsy, that I need treatment. My last PSA was 5.76 and out of 12 cores, I have 6 cancerous cores. All are grade T2 and their Gleason scale score is 3+3=6. My urologist says all these cores are located on the right lobe of my prostate gland and they are confined to prostate gland. I requested a CT scan, MRI scan and bone scan to make sure that there is no spread, but the doctor says there is no need for MRI and bone scan and only CT scan is needed. I am extremely worried and confused because I don’t know what to choose for treatment, radical prostatectomy, radiotherapy (external beam, brachytherapy) or cryotherapy. Please help me, I want to hear your opinions. Any comment or advice will be highly appreciated.

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