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    THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE WITH DR. CHEN! My situation was also inoperable.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vet3ZJlfLJ0 

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      this might Help I had this procedure 11/08/2014 1 day recovery laser ablation withDr. CHEN, THE BEST!  http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Vet3ZJlfLJ0

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        Simply contacted Dr. Chen directly and was diagnosed 10/18/2013  GBMIV laser ablation 11/08/2014

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          Read this entire website http://www.pbhrfindia.org/

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            Anytime, here's my one year survival synopsis: https://m.facebook.com/1425092887/posts/10205251936084349

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              1800-homeopathy they also have a website! 

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                Dr Chen promotes going early while the patient is still awake and aware, we simply arranged an appointment with Dr Chen ourselves and flew out to SanDiego, with no formal referralI I was diagnosed10/13/2013 My one year survival synopsis herehttps://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&ei=wV-pVN-OHcOqNrTtgbgD&url=https://www.facebook.com/1425092887/posts/10205251936084349&ved=0CCQQFjAA&usg=...

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                  Did you guys review laser ablation therapy as an alternative to standard cranoiyomy, I just finished mine 11/08/2014,1 dayrecovery! with Dr Chen UCsd. Sorry so late in posting is a NO BRAINER AND SHOULD REPLACE THE STANDARD OF CARE In AMERICA http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Vet3ZJlfLJ0

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                    Did you guys review laser ablation therapy as an alternative to standard cranoiyomy, I just finished mine 11/08/2014,1 dayrecovery! with Dr Chen UCsd. Sorry so late in posting is a NO BRAINER AND SHOULD REPLACE THE STANDARD OF CARE In AMERICA http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Vet3ZJlfLJ0

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                      Did you guys review laser ablation therapy as an alternative to standard cranoiyomy, I just finished mine 11/08/2014,1 dayrecovery! with Dr Chen UCsd. Sorry so late in posting is a NO BRAINER AND SHOULD REPLACE THE STANDARD OF CARE In AMERICA http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Vet3ZJlfLJ0

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                      Brain Cancer
                      Alternative Treatments, Clinical Trials and Research, Diet

                      My One Year survival synopsis We all have pivotal moments in life that one may selfishly choose to declare a turning point, rather than bore you with my life story; I'll do my best to convey my Survival Story:
                      October 18, 2014 marked the one-year anniversary of my attempted tumor resection /craniotomy.
                      Within the next several days after the operation, you're dealing with a team of doctors, oncologists and surgeons, support staff that are analyzing you’re physiological outcome mainly the tumor pathology postoperative sampling taken during brain surgery. And then ultimately your team will come in to your hospital room and will inform you of your prognosis; in my case the team I had was very compassionate, loving and caring. Of course having dear friends and family surrounding me daily through this life altering experience had an immeasurable positive impact. This of course extends to my extended family on Facebook! When the team of doctors came in to give me the news after having my skull opened just like the hood on your car is easily one of the most frightening moments in your life… A moment when you will know if your cancer is a malignant or benign. In my case, the docs told me I have glioblastoma maliforme - A form of brain cancer that is so aggressive the World Health Organization WHO characterizes this tumor pathology as a stage IV cancer right out of the box. In a word, scary. I have chosen to ignore and embrace this new found reality simultaneously living a life of conundrum and contradiction.
                      Of course many other postoperative meetings followed namely:
                      *God - met with me two days after surgery when He tapped me on the shoulder in my hospital bed, and said 2 simple words of advice’’UseThis’’ don't stop, from that day forward my mantra was etched in granite Thanks be to God! Innovation is my *Relaxation
                      *Legal financial life planning
                      *Treatment strategies
                      *Standard of care – Chemo & radiation, in my case seven months of temodar and two Gamma knife treatments All Radiation in one 40 minute sitting! : http://www.miamineurosciencecenter.com [12/2013, 07/2014]
                      *Thousands of hours on the Internet researching and advocating for my survival.
                      While writing this there are a flood of ideas, memories and love overwhelming my thought processes, so please bear with me! I’ll expand a bit more on the waxing poetic side, so this ‘’turning point’’ is a moment and discussion that has the full intent of providing others who have been diagnosed with malignant cancer Answers of where to put your best survival efforts First, Hence the short *seven-step list above.
                      What I've also come to learn in this challenging life experience:
                      The brain is a very resilient muscle, thank God I have no pain whatsoever, I am wrapped in a miracle, there is no question nor can there ever be of this Truth! So please feel free to copy and paste any of the information provided in this cancer survival asset.

                      Once I got home, miraculously about one week after surgery, the seven step*list above was placed into high gear… Like I tell our children and grandchildren, ‘’everything is knowable,’’ and even more so when it comes to one's survival!

                      We were out to dinner as a family for sushi when I made one of my first biggest survival breakthrough discoveries, as we waited to be seated I Googled ‘’Best GBM (glioblastoma maliforme) diet.’’ That's 3 words, which have had a significant impact on my survival! This is where, I discovered the ketogenic diet and the genius behind this kind doctor’s research and discoveries ! Links to Dr. Sefried’s work: ‘’
                      Sugar Is the Primary Fuel for Most Cancers
                      Controlling your blood-glucose leptin and insulin levels through diet, exercise and emotional stress relief can be one of the most crucial components to a cancer recovery program. Watch the all the ketogenic videos on YouTube!

                      So in a nutshell, beating cancer is disciplined lifestyle, once I became educated as to what grows and fuels/feeds all cancers in our bodies, the commonsensical diet became my first line of defense. Following the ketogenic diet requires survival discipline, no question about it, presurgery I weighed 230 pounds I have been holding healthfully at 190 lbs. for the past year. Eliminate completely all carbohydrates no bread, no pasta, no cereal, no oatmeal, no rice, go high-fat minimize red meat intake to 2/week, organic poultry, as much fresh fish and seafood as you can possibly consume, supplements and vitamins are an additional area to focus on and I will break it out as a separate discussion in the following paragraphs. There is much more to the ketogenic regime, which includes oxygen tent and hyperbaric intensive heavy oxygenation, saturation of the body in combination with the ketogenic diet. Fasting is another critical component of this proactive and aggressive starvation of cancerous cells found throughout everyone's body. To kickoff ketogenic diet one should fast for a minimum of three days. During this period I drank coconut water and ‘’pulled coconut oil/olive oil’’ which simply means drinking those organic oils. The Fasting process cleanses the body and blood stream of dangerous sugar levels in a significant ‘’go to’’ results fashion.

                      *There is a great therapeutic side-effect to eliminating carbohydrates from your diet, which has been thoroughly documented by Dr. Perlmutter, in his breakthrough work regarding the epidemic of Alzheimer's in America, ‘’ Renowned neurologist Dr David Perlmutter, blows the lid off a topic that's been buried in medical literature for far too long: gluten and carbs are destroying your brain! http://www.drperlmutter.com/about/grain-brain-by-david-perlmutter/

                      A bit late in the process of my research, approx. at 1 month I stumbled upon the larger community of cancer message boards, which there are many, I will list my primary but with a little more research there are many others. I adore my primary message board because of the frankness and true to life chronicle that it offers to those who can withstand the emotional and scientific overwhelming body of information available:’’ http://www.cancercompass.com/message-board/cancers/brain-cancer/1,0,119,5.htm I just located this new post regarding GBM IV SURVIVAL RATES: as follows… You will find the new result of survival rates of GBM4 is really amazing and scary…
                      *46% survive 1.5 years.
                      *30% survive 2 years.
                      *18% survive 3 years.
                      *10% survive more than 5 years. This post unfortunately omitted the folks who have survived 20 years and more with this horrid form of brain cancer. No GBM IV discussion would be complete without acknowledging one of the most famous 20 year survivors, Mr. Ben Williams, http://www.virtualtrials.com/williams.cfm one caveat, I will remind the reader at this point we are always all one day closer to our own demise…

                      Now you can see and empathize with my life quest, which of late has transformed into what I now call the ‘’kitchen sink methodology,’’ at this point, I am going to move the discussion to a faster pace. As the newest, latest and greatest survival strategies are nothing short of miraculous and awe-inspiring! As I embrace this next aggressive and proactive stage of survival advocacy the new mantra is ‘’throw everything at it that does no harm to the patient.’’ Recently thanks to the dedicated hours of global GBM treatment research that I have extracted and the larger scientific community has undertaken. Of late, the cancer compass message boards have led me to breakthrough treatment discoveries found mainly in California: on September 25,2014, my generous brother Jeffrey and I had a preoperative meeting with Dr. Chen, who is one of the most dedicated and intelligent, compassionate, doctors I have met during this Survival Odyssey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vet3ZJlfLJ0 during our preoperative conference with Dr. Chen I broached what I thought was one of my more out-of-the-box treatment strategies that of combining laser ablation with the cancer electrical field disruptor http://www.novottftherapy.com/?s_mcid=ps-google-regbmgeneral-general&gclid=CLPQycyvucECFW4F7AodIBkAjg at which point Dr. Chen informed that he has recently treated a GBM patient that combined both therapies. Credit where credit is due, Dr. Chen is thankfully very aggressive and champions quick response with a creative edge, in other words don't wait to employ out-of-the-box thinking on your survival odyssey, which gracefully summarizes the kitchen sink methodology, ‘’throw everything at it that does not harm the patient.’’ At the University of California San Diego campus there are also other cutting-edge clinical trials that employ tumor DNA sequencing to create cancer killing vaccines that are directly injected into existing tumors using catheter style needles customized to the existing genetics per tumor the laser ablation device has the Capacity to sample the tumor via a small vacuum appendage built into the laser port, like a dedicated vacuum tube. Before we move along much further, I would be totally amiss, without acknowledging the incredible breakthroughs coming out of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Polio virus strategy vaccine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaJop2oti48

                      I personally hope readers and followers of this synopsis will take the time to dutifully review the amazing and eloquent YouTube's that describe the most incredible medical breakthroughs, I think most people would have ever imagined humanly possible! Since innovation is my relaxation, there are actually another three or four areas of survival Odyssey left to describe:
                      1. Perhaps one of the most sci-fi Star Trek treatment regimes thus far is the completely noninvasive MR I guided Focused Ultrasound MRIgFUS : http://www.fusfoundation.org - this treatment strategy it's still in it's early formative stages and is definitely worth keeping an eye on. In my personal survival quest I did send recent MRIs and PET scans to the foundation for their review. They were very kind in consideration of my personal case and sent my tumor scans directly to the machine’s manufacturer. The exact location of my tumor eliminates potential for this space-age treatment strategy at this time. Ultimately I would give this treatment strategy very serious consideration, as there is no invasive surgery required to perform this therapy! One of my long-term dream strategies is to employ this therapy when my particular tumor location can be accessed using this machine.
                      2. As promised, I will quickly review some of the most important supplements Discovered along the way:
                      There is a huge body of information available on cancer compass message boards Re: the banajeri protocol: http://www.pbhrfindia.org this one link provides a wealth of homeopathic breakthroughs. While reviewing this information I would keep a couple things in the back of my mind Regarding the people of India, this summary is not meant to be politically correct. Remember India a third world country with a couple billion people, who are very kind, intelligent, spiritual and basically impoverished. Therefore homeopathy is a practical answer to a nation that basically in many cases does not incur the expense or danger of invasive craniotomy and resections. In fact they do have MRI machines so they can clearly confirm the existence of brain tumors in patients the banajeri protocol consists of two homeopathic remedies one is derived from a plant known as ‘’Ruta’’ http://www.pureformulas.com/ruta-graveolens-30c-by-boiron.html?CUSTOMTRACKING=CUSTOMTRACKING&CAWELAID=773715489&CAGPSPN=pla&catargetid=530005240002488653&cadevice=c&gclid=CLe1lta5ucECFUgA7AodeFkAqA# the second component of this very inexpensive protocol is calcareous phosphate http://www.boironusa.com/?s=calcareous+phosphate
                      *a total one year supply cost $135 delivered!

                      In typical Indian fashion the eloquent and simplistic, cost effective approach goes beyond way beyond this description I have read on the cancer compass message boards where GBM IV patients go rodeo and rely on this homeopathic remedy in totality. Since I have personally experienced a tumor recurrence in July 2014, I am personally rededicating all of my aggressive kitchen sink methodologies to rid my brain of this scourge, once and for all! Nothing short of a clean and clear MRI will suffice!
                      3. In combination with the banerji protocol , I combine a once daily diverse supplement intake and as I write it the vitamin Regimen can be vastly improved on composed of the following:
                      10,000 units of vitamin D3
                      2000mgs high quality DHA
                      Vitamin A
                      Vitamin B12 5000mcg
                      Curcumin 100mg
                      Waiting for a highly absorsptive turmeric from a friend who has a proprietary blend.
                      No discussion supplements homeopathic and vitamins would be complete without reviewing the benefits of fresh wheatgrass of which I drink a minimum of two ounces/day: http://hippocratesinst.org/living-food/benefits-of-wheatgrass - This link also combines the great Florida iconic alternative holistic institution of Hippocrates, in West Palm Beach Florida. Which nearly completes this survival synopsis barring just 2 more additions:
                      A) Your alternative and holistic strategy would not be complete without a thorough review of of Dr. Lubecki’s forty-year body of work http://www.lubecki-chiropractic.com/?page_id=176 in fact I just came back from Sacramento California completing a three day intensive training program hosted by Dr. Lubecki and his incredibly gracious, compassionate and kind staff. Be prepared for the shock of your life when viewing the you tube testimonials swearing to the wellness center’s efficacy. Be prepared for additional shock when you hear this learned icon of cutting edge alternative therapies tell you he only deals in curing cancer… I currently followDr. Lubecki’s entire wellness regime incorporating the use of the soft laser device and the apex homeopathic imprinter : http://www.lubecki-chiropractic.com/?page_id=12

                      B) On the same trip to visit the Sacramento wellness center, I combined a quick run up to Redding California. My appointment with God was set for 9 AM 10/11/ 2014 http://bethelredding.com/ministries/healing-rooms there are extraordinary testimonials to God’s Healing Miracles emanating from this almost surreal and heaven like institution. It's real! You feel it the moment you step on the property. The highly trained and spiritually linked healers will warn you though, once you've gone through the 4 healing rooms, the enemy does not want to easily let you go… I personally experienced this warning as it materialized on my drive back to the Sacramento Hotel, where mysteriously I ended up on the shoulder of Highway 5 heading South at 70 miles an hour. As I awoke to banging on the rental vehicle. There was a group of first responders outside of the rental car, I glanced over my right shoulder, just in time to witness the CHP Swinging a Wand to break the rear passenger window as they quickly placed me in an ambulance to the St. Lawrence community Hospital in Red Bluff California, apparently and miraculously I suffered a mild seizure on my drive back and God miraculously placed me out of harms way safely stopped, parked, and nestled on the shoulder of the highway! To this day this is all I remember of the enemy's attempt to claw me back into his death grip! I have news for the enemy it will take much more then a mild seizure at 70 mph to slow down my survival Qwest! No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me," declares the LORD Isaiah 54:17, Let Go Let God! Disclaimer: by no means is this survival synopsis meant as a definitive guide to your own personal GBM IV survival Qwest! Other areas that should be reviewed include the various European supplement cocktails that have six and seven year GBM survivors, attached two those protocols, where anti-depressent drugs are used in conjunction with several supplements.

                      We care about your feedback. Let us know how we can improve your CancerCompass experience.