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    Thanks I will look into the rigid and see if that is a possibility for my husband. 

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      Good morning Marmaduke, my husband was diagnosed in April of 2015 and life has never been the same. We knew swallowing would be a problem that would most likely get worse over time - just thought we would have more time. While in treatment my husband's esophagus completely closed up and required surgery to open it back up.  Since then he has had to have his throat stretched every 6 months or so. Last week he had...

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        Hey, my husband had the same problem,however his esophagus was completely closed. We were devastated. BUT it can be fixed. The surgeons had to go into the lower end of his esophagus through his feeding tube while the second surgeon went down his throat. After they got it opened we found out very quickly that there was a hole punctured in the esophagus wall- that was fun- NOT! It healed within a week. After they opene...

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          wrote earlier but guess I did something wrong..can't find it. My husband is 2 years out from completion of his treatment for SCC with unknown primary. Recently he started having trouble with shortness of breath, he also has a blood clotting disorder - so a ct was done yesterday. It's not a blood clot - we were told he has a spot on his lung and that the results will be sent to his onogologist. What are the chances of...

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