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    There are exceptions and some treatments that have been successful for some people.  My wife was 66 when diagnosed, had radiation, chemo, two tumors with surgery and 2 clinical trials.  She is now 74 with no tumors visable.  Her recoveries after the tumors (and a cyst the size of a golf ball with the second) was excellent.  She then developed hydrocephelis with an eventual shunt and side effects a...

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      My wife was diagnosed in Feb 2011 received surgery, radiation, chemo, clinical trial.  She was clear for about 3 years and then had another tumor show up on her MRI.  She opted for a Clinical Trial and was on it longer than anyone else at UCLA.  She apparently was the only success story.  She developed a cyst the size of a golf ball and had surgery where the tumor and cyst were removed.  No l...

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