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    No answers yet for me. Carcinoid/NET is still suspected but has not been found yet. Bronchoscopy will be scheduled next. Meeting with a new endocrinologist. My former endo left the practice, and I did not care for her replacement. I think we should repeat bloodwork, so hopefully one of my many doctors will agree to do that soon! Hope you find answers! If you’re on FB, there are several good NET groups that I’ve fo...

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      Thank you.  I'm not far from Hopkins.  We have a local NET expert at EVMS in Norfolk that I'm seeing who is trying to get to the bottom of this.  Have you had any luck getting answers? 

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        Hi,  I have been sick for 5 months with flushing, diarrhea, rapid pulse, and now night sweats, tingling/buzzing sensations in my neck and arms, and blurred vision.  My 5-HIAA (urine and blood) were both normal, as were my seratonin levels and Chromagranin A.  Could all of this be possible and carcinoid still be present?  Had a colonoscopy in Dec that showed colitis, but all biopsies were normal.&...

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