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    This sounds almost exactly how my 9.5 yo border collie Winnie is doing.  We have a holistic vet who has her on the piroxicam, but also essential oils (incl. CBD), chinese herbs and a people food diet. The piroxicam caused (we think) some issues with her kidneys, so we cut it in half. We had a weekend about a month after we started with the piroxicam where she vomited 15 times in 24 hours.  The vet said that...

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      Hi, I'm so grateful to have found this board! Our 9yo border collie was diagnosed with TCC back in October 2018. Like so many of you, it started with what we thought was a UTI, her only symptoms were repeated squatting when we were out and she had one accident, which never happens with her.  After the antibiotics cleared up the bacteria but not the blood and she was still squatting, ultrasound confirmed the tum...

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