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Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma
Chemotherapy, Emotional Support, Cancer Treatments

Positive, powerful, creative always supportive. I love music dancing, working out. Always dedicated and careful with all decisions made. My NHL was first found in 2005 has been watched for 5 years now back again putting me through very hard times with surgery, tests, radiation and now baby chemo. I am 46 yrs young, and have been out of work since 6/2010. Very frustrating, stressful and the medication is just horrifying for me. I came to this site to find others that I can share my experiences with since it is hard to discuss with others that don't understand what we really go through living with NHL.
Remission since January my last session of chemo was Dec. 28th 2010. Follow up 5/13/2011 all good news. Changed eating habits completely so we'll see how long it can stay this way. Thanks to everyone and god bless.

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