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Thyroid Cancer, Brain Cancer
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Hi everyone! My name is Julie. I am a Wife and Stay at home Mom. I have been married to my hubby for 9 years and we have 2 beautiful kiddos together. My Son is 7, and my Daughter is 3. My cancer journey started in late April of 2010. I was just sitting on the couch talking with my Husband when he noticed a lump on my lower neck, right above my collar bone. I ran to the mirror and checked it out, and was thoroughly freaked out. We immediately got a babysitter and went to urgent care. The urgent care Doc sent me to the ER as soon as she saw me. The fear began to rise in me at that point. On the way to the ER my husband and I stopped thru a drive thru and got a bite to eat. I figured that if my throat was to close up then I had better eat now! lol We are a silly family and always try to find the light side in every situation. Its good to have a healthy sense of humor. Anyways, after 3 hours in the ER and many tests later the ER Doc said that I had a thyroid cyst. I sat up in the bed and balled. The next day I saw an ENT. He biopsied the lump and I found out a week later that I had Papilliary Thyroid Carcinoma. Again I balled once I got out to the car. Its a scary word, "Cancer". But there is always hope. After calling my husband and best friend I slowly drove home. It was hard to digest this news. But as a christian I knew that now was the time to really trust God, and trust him blindly. May of 2010 I had a complete thyroidectomy and neck disection. The Surgeon informed me that I had also had a large tumor growing off my thyroid, and the tumor had wrapped itself around my esophogus. How shocking!!! This cancer had also started spreading to my lymph nodes, the Surgeon removed 3 of them. Thank God for Good Surgeons. Mine was amazing. I continued my cancer journey July 4th weekend with a high dose of radiated iodine. That was quite the experience! How many times in one's life can they say that they are radioactive? The treatment caused me to lose my sense of taste for a couple of months, and I am now dealing with Radiation Sialadenitis. My jaw hurts and gets swollen often. I get wierd sensations when I eat sometimes, and my salivary gland excreets a salty flavor most of the day. Other then some hair loss from all the changes in my body I am otherwise healthy. If you are dealing with this kind of cancer and would like to talk to someone who has gone thru something similar I am here for you. Hearing other's stories with this cancer really helped me. :)

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