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    in just the short past few weeks i have had two biopsies and have been scheduled for the leep procedure. They said I have CIN3, the highest precancer. I am terrified what they will find after the reults from the Leep procedure. Almost a year to the day to my routine check up this year i had a clear pap smear, which seems alittle odd for it to progress to CIN3 so quickly. I am having bladder issues the past few months...

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      Hi. I know everyone that is or has gone through this is feeling the same most likely. I have always been very good at getting my yearly exam. I have never had an abnormal pap, my last one was may/29/2012 and then this year was on 06/21/2013.The dr called me about a week later saying i needed to see an obgyn because it was abnormal. I was told by the gyn that i had high risk hpv, i was and am so mad. i know you can ha...

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