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    December 03, 2017
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      It really dosen't matter & I appoligive for even asking. I am 59 and I'm truly soory that you have been a care giver for so very long. I only had to do this for 8 months but I learned allot about us as well as myself. I have to grandkids as well and your right it gives you a break from the things going on to have them around from time to time. James

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        There were many days I felt this way! It’s very hard to do the right thing and keep from stepping out and get that human touch that you miss & want to feel. So many times it was like consuming my ever thought and that’s why I posted something on here. But to no avail I didn’t get any replies. I knew that I was not the only one w/these emotions & feelings! So how do you handle these emotions if you don’t mind me askin...

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          I'm a caregiver for my beautiful girlfriend of 11 years. She has stage 3 lung cancer and has been through chemo & radiation. We're waiting for a pet scan in late October to see how things are going. I would like anyone's thoughts or experiences regarding how you adjust or dealt with your significant others desire to have sexual relations after her treatment. I Love her very much but the need and want for the touch ...

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