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    Today is my 2ndAnniversary of being diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer. The initial diagnosis was around 6 months survival so by good fortune or good management I’ve made it so far. Currently the PC is stable but some progression with mets in the lungs and brain. I’m continuing the chemo but also rely on non-traditional treatment, nutrition, meditation and exercise. Hope this gives some opt...

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      Hi, I have Stage IV Pancreatic cancer. I was diagnosed with a 4X4 cm tumour withe mets in the lungs, stomach and bowel. Here I am 16 months later with some small nodules in the lungs and the tumour decrease by 2/3. The mets in the stomach and & bowel have gone. Except for the chemo days I now live a resonably normal lifesytle. My advice is to fight this as the way and get the body and mind as stong as possible....

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        Your Mum seems to be doing really well. My situation has some similarities. I was diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic cancer in July 2013 and giventhe average 3 to 6 month survival news. I had mets in the lungs, bowel and abdomen. Here I am at 15 months with the cancer stable and besides the chemo days I live a fairly normal life. I started on Abraxane / Gemzar and continued this for 8 months. The pancreatic tumour...

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