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I'm so sorry for your situation. It truly is just as  difficult for her loved ones as it is the patient. I do hope you conintue notes, flowers anything that lets her/him know that you are thinking about them. I don't know if your friend has come to terms with the diagnosis, but you also must think of the family. Everyone accepts and heals at differnt time. For your sake keep the communication open. Maybe the parents may be able to help you. It is OK to feel the loss. I hope you have someone to talk to.

RE: Ultrasound changes

by kak123 - August 12 at 6:38 PM

several years ago my thyroid showed up on an MRI for a completely different reason for the exam. I was referred to ENT. He did 18 fna all with different findings. It was recommended that it be removed. Doc felt that the BX were so abnormal but not cancerous. He removed the thyroid and stated it was the largest one he had seen. So the worry of cancer is gone and taking one pill a day is easy. Good luck

RE: new tongue sore, worried!

by kak123 - August 01 at 1:52 AM

ENT appt. ASAP. Better to be safe.

My husbands first Pet/CT showed poisitve followed by an MRI which also showed positive. His Dr. felt this could be left over radiation and chose to repeat the testing iin 3 months, which he did. Both Pet and MRI showed positive again. He was sent to a specialist and given 3 options, do nothing, do a biopsy which probably would give false info due to treatment or have his tongue removed. He is a little over a year out and still don't know what is real. Not sure a point they will feel the Pet scan will give true finding. Very frustrating

tongue cancer

by kak123 - June 10 at 2:42 PM

Has anyone chosen to have their tongue removed? What is the quality of life after surger.

Thank you

RE: Totally Overwhelmed!!

by kak123 - May 09 at 3:03 PM

another suggestion. My husband has stage 4 base of tongue cancer. Eating for him is difficult. I have been giving him the better nutritious TV dinners and supplement with ensure with benecal added to the  ensure. Just the drinks alone supply him with 2200 calories a day. I have it delivered to our home, it is payed for by insurance - your Dr. would have to write a prescription for it to be covered by medicare.

tooth loss is a side effect of radiation. My husband had implants put in long ago and they are now falling out. They are very expensive so I would go with dentures.

RE: Totally Overwhelmed!!

by kak123 - April 20 at 10:04 PM

You may feel like you are all alone but there are many of us. I know that does not help with you present needs. Have you checked in to what the cancer center your mother goes to or an affiliation with a church? Some cities offer help with volunteers. That is just a few options.

I know I need help too. When I sit and break it down on what would me.....I look at the list and think well I should be able to manage it. Now I am on 2 antidepressants having nightmares everynight.

I hope one of the other caregivers on this site will come up with someething that will work.

Good Luck

I'm. Glad you are doing so well. It is absolutely true that the docs don't tell you that the "healing" time is so much more difficult. My husband has had swallow and speech therapy and he still goes 2x a week 1 year after final treatment. Again everyone's journey is different. Take care and will add you to my prayers

looks like you have had no responses, so I will give you my 2 cents.

You did not mention the stage of your cancer and since surgery was done I would have to assume it was early rather than late.

The daily radiation is difficult but not impossible. if a feeding tube is suggested do it. It was the only way my husband was able to get nutrition for months. Then the sideeffects are  a different kind of hell. There are products to help along the way as the side effects change during the healing process.My husband was DX with late stage 4 base of tongue cancer - inoperable. so his choice for treatmet was 4 doses of chemo along with 37 rounds of radiation. He tolerated that well until the end of treatment. He is a year out and his cancer is back. He was given 3 option - do nothing, do a biopsy but due to the radiation the bx results could not be trusted and third they could remove his tongue.

the fact that your DX sounded early on you may skate through this with little problems. Everyones journey is different so please dont look too hard at the horror stories as so many are very positive,

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