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    Hi Robert,   I'd love to share my story with you, but your email is bouncing.  Please contact me by private reply and we can exchange phone numbers.  Thanks. Just to update everyone else;  While I am still not quite cancer free, I'm doing so well and feeling so good that I've decided to go back to work.  I want to work for another 7 years and then retire, possibly doing something with canc...

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      I just recently saw an alternative healer by the name of Kris Kraft.  He works out of cancertouch.com and treated me for cervical cancer.  On a break we discussed many things, one of which was his success rates with brain tumors.  I think that brain cancer is his speciality, or at least one of the main types that he treats.  I was very happy with the treatment I received, although it's much t...

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      Stage III Cervical. 57/F Very healthy except for the cancer. I exercise constantly to stay in shape. I believe that exercise keeps the cancer cells from spreading.

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