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    Congrats, that is such great news.  I had my last chemo on Monday and my last rad treatment on Tuesday.  Not up for much celebration right now, but hope to be able to when I get that call.

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      Thanks again for all your support and advice.   deebus, I am very inspired that you were able to hang in there and finish treatment.  I wish you the best of luck in your recovery, please keep us posted. I had the mask made about a week ago.  They did the simulation and the PET scan at the same time.  I have had my dental exam, 1 extraction and 2 fillings.  Should I have another exam during t...

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        I am about to start my treatment for tonsil cancer in couple of days.  I will get 3 rounds of chemo and 35 rad treatments.  I would like to thank everyone here for thier stories and words of encouragement.   I have been warned about what I am up for, and reading of others who have made it through helps a lot. I am 50 and have always been the healthy one.  I had no symptoms other that a large...

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        Tonsils Cancer
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        I was diagnosed with stage IV tonsil cancer in May, 2017. T1N2C0
        I start my treatment on Monday, May 22nd - 3 rounds of chemo along with 35 rad treatments.

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