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Hi Heather,

Sorry to hear of progression with Kevin. How has progression impacted him? Fatigue, headache?

It is frustrating that those with Astrocytoma cannot access clinical trials. I hear good things about Avastin, giving us extra time and better quality of life.

I remain stable, next scan Jan 6th.

All the best.

Hi all,

Buster & KB, so sorry to hear of the progression of the disease with you Buster and KB your husband Mike. Words fail me for what you must be going through.

Heather, I have completed 10 out 12 TMZ treatments. It is taking me longer to recover with each treatment however my white cell counts have so far always bounced back. I have scans every 3 months, like Kevin's tumor there has been no reduction however no growth either. I am also still working, just take a couple of days off at the end of each chemo cycle.

I had a mole removal from my ear a few weeks back that returned a positive for early stage melanoma so I am booked into hospital on Jun 20 to have a small part of my ear removed to make sure all of the melanoma is removed.

Thoughts are with you all.

Hi Heather,  i am going alright thanks and pleased to hear yourself and Kevin are. Following your recent post I have switched from Curcumin tablets to a Curcumin / Boswella tablet to help with aches on my left side.

Hi KB - how are you and Mike going? What decision did you make about surgery?


Hi Heather,

I am holding up alright thankyou and pleased to hear yourself and Kevin are as well.

I have had 7 TMZ treatments, 5 remaining. A few days into the TMZ treatment and a few days after are not pleasant for me but as you will see on Cancer Compass everyone copes differently.

I have been taking curcumin to try and help with aches I get on the left side of my body from time to time - I will see if I can get some Boswellia to try.

Buster - wishing you all the best with your chemo.


Hi Heather,

I am not much help with your two questions, I had targeted radiation but could not tell you if it was photon or proton.

I do not suffer from seizures so I am able to drive.

Regards, Keith.

Hi HK,

Always sorry to hear of someone newly diagnosed, hopefully this forum helps in some way for you.

I will let someone more knowledgeable than me explain the triple negative - I chose not to seek too much information on it.

With the radiation I was fine for most of it - I had 5 weeks off work, the last 3 weeks of treatment plus the 2 weeks after - I did get fatigued near the end of treatment and definately required the two weeks off work after treatment to recover.

Diet and drinking - my oncologists have not mentioned it. I still have a beer and red wine on a friday and saturday night, apart from Chemo week when I have no desire to drink.

I attend a brain cancer support group, my wife chooses to see a counsellor instead, which helps me. I find the sharing of information and experiences helps to ease the sense of isolation I feel from time to time.

Wishing you all the best.

Hi KB,

Was wondering how Mike is?

Have you had any luck with clinical trials?

I have completed 5 chemo cycles, 7 to go. Generally feel OK apart from chemo week (tired and achy on left side of body). Next MRI at end of January.

RE: Congrats

by Keithge - January 05, 2019

Hi Dodger, it is great to read about you defying the statistics, very heartening for us affected by brain cancer.

When you had your craniotomy how much of your tumor was removed?

Hi KB, good to hear Mike is doing well.

My MRI was also stable, no change in grade or progression.

Can relate to Mike's tiredness, it does impact you.

Can also relate to sourcing clinical trials. Hope something comes up for you both.


Yes thankyou Buster, your story is encouraging.

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