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It sure takes a lot of guts to conquer one's fear, that's what you see in my profile picture - holding a life python! Even though the python is a tame one but the lady posing next to me is obviously shivering with fear while I try to hide my anxiety by putting on my best smile hahaha... Hello everybody, this is Kenzie from Malaysia... I am still new to this 'life-saving website'; as new as 24th November 2010. I only decided to post my profile on this Sunday 5th December 2010 to introduce myself a little bit so as to lift up the hope of desperate ones that there's still a bright light at the end of the tunnel. I am in Alternative Therapy, saving lives from the jaws of death from an unnecessarily demise from cancer is what I do best - through alternative applications. For those who feels that life is too short and unfair or that the world is coming to an untimely end where they have given up hope against all hopes of recovery, please don't be despair because the love of God enables mankind to harvest all plants and herbs on earth to cure ALL diseases; so please feel free to write to me at kenziegg@gmail.com or text me at +6016-846-1193 for emotional/spiritual supports or to inquire the greatness and effectiveness of alternative treatments. For liver cancer patients or end stage colon cancer patients, 'time' is absolutely crucial and no more a luxurious item; you got to see testimony (lab reports) on a 'before and after treatment' miraculous cure in less than 60 days! Just email me and ask me more about the 'Alternative Way', and I will reply with attachments for your reading pleasures. As for breast cancer, brain tumors, Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphomas, lung cancer and leukemia cases, whatever your staging may be, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain by emailing me your current condition and stage. No prescription of chemically-laced synthetic drugs/medicines are used rather than combination of traditional healing arts of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicines), herbal remedies and organic foods to balance the 'Yin' and 'Yan' to effect miraculous results. Amazingly, one must try the "Fire Suction Therapy" where you will see huge amount of "poison" being suck out painlessly through the body's 3 exit points; (01) the right ear, (02) the left ear and (03) the navel. Its our version of chemotherapy which is 20 times more effective and a lot cheaper too. Best of all, its none toxic and 100% safe!!! "Seeing Is Believing" as the quote goes; so, for those who still can make it, come to Malaysia for a heartwarming premium-health-holiday and try acupuncture, "Fire Suction Therapy" and tailor-make herbal/organic treatment for different types of cancers and judge on a later date what 'Alternative Applications' can do to cancer cells in 60 days time - all through the patient's blood test on a much-awaited declined tumor marker Thank you all for reading my profile and may God bless you abundantly with a speedy recovery. "...For ALL Diseases; There's A CURE..." Fondest regards Kenzie

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