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    Thank you so much for that valuable information. I had planned to continue with PSAs every three months to see what happens. If it continues to grow slowly, well, so be it. I did not knw about Lupron, will do some reseaarch. My Urologist said to wait too. Unlike the last two times, watchful waiting was not for me as i was in great shape, and knew I had a lot more time to go. Now, not so much. :-) I really apprec...

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      Quick summary. When we lived in AZ, I had prostate cancer in 2001 and had external beam radiation. Everything  was fine until 2009 when PSAs started rising, after biopsy, sure enough, that sucker had recurred. My radiation oncologist suggested active surveillance but readings still continued to rise, so had brachytherapy with 82 radioactive iodine needles in left side. All was fine with PSAs at 0.01 until jus...

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