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    When I was diagnosed with Breast cancer a few years back, I reacted like most who receive a cancer diagnose; first thing came to mind was a “death sentence”. However, I found out later that it was truly “an awakening” for me. I began questioning God, why would you do this to me? What had I done in life so bad to have this placed upon me? But instead of bemoaning my fate, I decided to look for ...

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        That was very smart and bright of her; this is something I've been trying to do, but don't know how to get started and don't have the funds to get started. I'm a Breast and Colon cancer survivor and I drew out a necklace that I would love to someday have it designedand processed int a necklace. It's a Breast cancer symbol necklace, but I just don't know where to go to get started. Yes, this women had a great ideal an...

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        I'm a two-time cancer survivor (Breast/Colon), now an Author of x3 books, two which has already been published. My first book is a book of poems, that was created during my breast cancer period. The book chronicles my true life experiences during my journey of many trial and tribulations. With the words and phrases of each poem of statement, I wish to make a positive impact on someone who's ill or otherwise, where they can proceed life in a whole new way. I never anticipated becoming a writer, I just became one. My experiences brought me to this, but my faith brought me through it.

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