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    Have a friend in his mid 50's who was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer adenocarcinoma which has also spread to about 4 spots on the brain. He started Tarceva about 4 weekes ago, and got a rash which is better now. He was told he has the special gene, so we are hopeful that is will help. He already seems to be doing better. He will has test done in a few days on the brain to see how the radiation did on the brain. P...

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      Hello this is really great news. My really good friend has been recently diagnosed with lung cancer non small cell and had 4 tumors which he recieved 2 weeks of radiation. He is being told that Chemo is not an opition but he is a candidate for Tarceva. He has no insurance for percriptions so we are praying the company gives him the medication he needs. He has the gene or something that they say Tarceva will work well...

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