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    Has anyone had a recurrence?  If so, what was the treatment plan?

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      After I finished my radiation July 2010...I experienced the same "white paste" in my mouth and throat.  Biotene seemed to help some.  I still after 4-1/2 years get it from time to time.

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          My doc prescribed a drug for dry mouth that is used primarialy for non-rad patients.  Research show that it is not effective for rad patients.  $ 50.00 co-pay on my insurance and did not help one bit. I suggest the over-the-counter mouth spray/gargle biotene.  Keep it by your bed at night a a spray and use it frequently during the day.  Seems to work the best for me.  Carry a bottle of water...

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            MrMoose I do the biotene and bottle of water trick. It also works well for me.....BUTTTTTT, check the quality of the water. Even "bottled " water can be nothing but re-cycled water with fancy packaging. I have been using a product called the Bobble which has a filter you can replace ever few months or so. Check it out...http://www.waterbobble.com/all-products

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