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    I'm sorry to hear of your husband's diagnosis and I pray that he finds a miracle somehow.  It's sad that a Dr would suggest you give up hope regardless of what he believes the outcome will be. There's people everyday all over the world that have been told the cancer is non curable and there's no hope and thousands have somehow found the will to fight it and been fortunate enough to find a way to reverse it's ...

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      My brother had surgery for tumor at the end of bial duct approx 3cm had gallbladder,  some intestines,  part of his liver, pancreas,  and 12 lymph nodes biopsy results it was Ampullary cancer,  8 of 12 lymph nodes removed was positive was supposed to start chemo / radiation and has waited 2 months for approval from insurance for chemo / radiation. I'm concerned that the 2 months were critical for...

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        I have a brother 49 yrs old was in great physical shape recently became ill, doc thought it was gaul stones. Scheduled surgery, during surgery ran into a mass by the bottom of drainage tube close to liver and pancreas. Removed a piece did biopsy and was positive for cancer. Went back for surgery Dr said he needed to remove it, after surgery told my bother and family as far as he was concerned he was now cancer free ...

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