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    Thurs Jan 30, 2014 This news makes me feel like I'm putting nails in the coffin. I'm exhausted from searching and looking for information about cancer cures.

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    Endometrial Cancer
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    i am 71, recently diagnosed with Endometrial cancer, stage 1, and am finishing up Brachytherapy tomorrow. Had hysterectomy; was recommended to do chemo also because of positive peritoneal washings along with high CA125 pre-op levels. I want to avoid chemo. I lean towards alternative or integrated medical approaches and want to know what others of like minds are doing? My diet is low/no sugar (including fruit), low starch, no red meat, lots of veggie broths,supplements and herbs that are permissible, and as much organic as I can afford.

    Anyone use a modified citrus pectin product that is supposed to inhibit cancer cells from sticking together and forming a cluster? My oncologist said there's not enough data on market for the cancer regulatory agency to okay this; I can use it at my own risk.Read about it on Dr, Fuchs' website and in one of the chapter's from Suzanne Somers' book, Knockout.Thanks for your feedback.

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