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    I had a grade 2 oligodendroglima with Co-deletions. My surgery said he took out 95-98% of tumor 14 hour surgery! I had radition for 6 weeks after I healed from the surgery. That was 7 years ago. I recently had a small growth come back this year and it was removed only 6 hour surgery. I am now on Temdor for 6-12 months. Isn't too bad only 5 days of pills per month and no hair loss! Good luck and postitive thiniki...

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      Hello, I was diagnosed in 2011 after going to the doctor to tell them something was wrong with me. My left foot and hand moved without me moving them, and I sneezed 50-100 times a day but wasn't sick. Long story short finally demanded to have MRI and was diagnosed with a golfball sized Oligodendroglima grade 2 in the right side of brain, having issues with my left size. I have surgery in December of 2011 and the d...

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