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    Thanks for the response. And yes,  she will probably go back to her previous treatment,  but the cancer wasn't responding to that at all, I believe that was the Fluxorel (excuse the spelling) and she's highly allergic to Campostar.   I was also wondering about immunotherapy .  I'll be heading to Florida soon so I'll ask her dr about that.  If she's not giving up,  neither am I ...

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      Hi everyone, My mom was diagnosed at the end of 2017 with Stage IIb Pancreatic Cancer, and has been fighting ever since.  In March of this year we got the news that the cancer had spread to the liver and my mom, the fighter she is, refused to give up.  She has been enrolled in a clincial trial since April and is doing a combo of Gema/Non-paxil therapy along with the study drug.  Her blood cells (red a...

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