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Renal Cell Cancer, Kidney Cancer
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My husband is my hero. He was 48 and dx'd on our one year wedding anniversary Oct 5, 2006. He was told to go home and get his affairs in order ~ non-surgical, non-treatable, and non-curable. The only part of that statement that was true at that time was the non-curable. I am still praying for a cure. Since then my husband has been on HD-IL2, Sutent, Nexavar, Afinitor, Sutent, Votrient, clinical trial involving cryo-ablation to liver mets and one-time IV infusion of cyclophasphamide, and now on Gemzar and Xeloda. He has had a radical right nephrectomy with liver and vena cava resection. His tumor was 20cm and weighed 10pounds. At the time of his dxs, he already had multiple tumors in both lungs ~ too many to count. Currently, he has a brain tumor, multiple tumors in both lungs, mediastinal tumors, peritoneal tumors, retro-peritoneal tumors, liver lesions, kidney bed tumors a tumor by his vena cava, a tumor on his gall bladder, etc. Way too many to count. Oct 5, 2010, we celebrated his 4th Celebration of Life and he plans on celebrating many more. Our prayers are for a Cure in 2011. Thus far he has had the following: Oct 2006 - dx Nov 2006 - nephrectomy w/vena cava and liver resect May 2007 - left VAT lung wedge and tumor resect Nov 2008 - dx'd with brain tumor Dec 2008 - cyber-knife (radiation to brain) May 2009 - cryo-ablation to kidney bed tumors Oct 2009 - RFA to liver tumor Sept 2010 - brain surgery ~ removal of brain tumor Nov 2010 - cryo-ablation to liver tumor Nov 2010 - Gamma-knife - radiation to brain tumor

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