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    A friend of mine was diagnosed via extremely large liver tumors, her primary was comparitively very small. My partner was diagnosed by again very large ovarian tumors, again with a comparitively small primary.

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      Thank you Rozeya, I've been meaning to reply. My partner's trying to flush the chemo out as quickly as possible with laxatives, prunes and magnesium. The off weeks are now much easier. Still really struggling with mouth ulcers, but we're still trying and experimenting

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        Hi, I wanted to ask what people found helpful in combating side effects from FOLFIRI? My partner was diagnosed with stage IV bowel cancer last year. Surgery removed all visible disease, followed by 6 months of FOLFOX to mop up. 6 month later, it's back in the peritoneum. Current plan is FOLFIRI for 4 treatments (one down) then scan and assess. The side effects are pretty brutal on her. She's already getting holes ...

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