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    LLiz im only 60 an havent drank in 40 years this thing came on me quick i thought i had the flu! Now since may 24th its in my lungs spleen liver u name it its atacked it i think im like you il ride it out! Thanks for replyingdave

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      Ive got other complications like heart disease an 1 good lung my mass is 22mm in the duct and im just scared to death to even try anything as they brought me back with the paddles if the recovery rate was more than 9% i might consider it but ive already read to many horror stories about this beast! B17 will take the tumors down but the united states government will not allow this form of treatment o have read up on i...

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        im punky thanks for replying but after ive been up many nites researching this im not sure il even get treatment! As i  read an article pancreatic cancer is the # 3 killer in the united states with only a 9% recovery rated! Thats not good odds to make me sick from chemo an radiation an the whipple surgery I think I will just live this. 1 out as it is also so exspensive! Its basically the worst cancer you can acq...

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          I went to the emergency room 3 weeks ago as i thought id had the flu! Little did i know that after a ct scan of my stomach i had a softball size tumor over my pancreas this has really shocked me as I wasnt expecting to be diagnosed with cancer, they put a stent in my duct of my pancreas so it would take the yellow away in my eyes and skin! Can someone tell me what im in for? I would appreciate your input! Thanks Dave

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