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RE: 5 Years Clean

by Mark06074 - July 18, 2018

Thanks and congrats to you as well Susan!!!

RE: 5 Years Clean

by Mark06074 - July 06, 2018

On Jul 06, 2018 2:08 AM Mark06074 wrote:

2 years? - you're there!

I truly like talking to people that have our dreaded illness and helping them however I can.  I also have those bumps and bruises but compared to what we went through, and what the outcome COULD have been......I'll take it! :)

PS - I am 58 and finished treatment at 53.  I was a gym rat before getting sick, turned into a skinny frail old man, and am back in great shape again!!

RE: 5 Years Clean

by Mark06074 - July 06, 2018

2 years? - you're there!

I truly like talking to people that have our dreaded illness and helping them however I can.  I also have those bumps and bruises but compared to what we went through, and what the outcome COULD have been......I'll take it! :)

5 Years Clean

by Mark06074 - July 05, 2018

I hit this milestone in June.  My last radiation was 6/20/2013.

I am grateful for my life and also grateful for this site that helped me get through everything I needed to.

I wish everyone here great success in their battle and with life.  If there's any questions about feeding tubes, phlegm, chemo, radiation - or BOT / tonsil cancer in general please reach out!

RE: eating

by Mark06074 - January 11, 2018

From what I gather - I was also slow to get back to eating "real" food after my feeding tube was removed.

I think it comes down to "learning" tp swallow again after not doing so for so long.  Physically I felt great - but stayed on the liquid / feeding tube for a couple months.  FINALLY, I was able to eat some scrambled eggs - VERY little...but it gave me the confidence to try more, and new foods.  Eventually I was able to eat again - but it was a good 2 months after treatment ended so perhaps not quite as long as you - but longer than most.

Again, I think it's aboput learning to chew and swallow after traumatically not doing so for a while.

RE: Treatment starts today

by Mark06074 - August 24, 2017

On Aug 18, 2017 10:04 AM reissens wrote:

On Aug 17, 2017 6:32 PM Sdurnell wrote:

On Aug 16, 2017 8:16 PM reissens wrote:

On Aug 16, 2017 11:11 AM reissens wrote:

I have my first treatment today for stage IVa tonsil cancer..  radiation first..then chemo.. getting nervous..I know the road ahead is going to be rough...trying to keep it together for my wife and kids... life has been on hold since the terrible word cancer came into our lives. Was 6/14/17..  since then...sx and doctor visits all leading up to today... terrible thing is the cancer has become very aggressive and tumor has grown in 2 weeks.. my RO could not believe it.. my ENT was in shock .. but gonna get this started.  I chose hope.

Ok ...first day in the books....  7 1/2 more weeks of rad/chemo...  but first is done

Well done.  And you are getting lots of good support and advice here already.

Your attitude and clearheadedness in the face of what you know to be a serious diagnosis and a nasty treatment are commendable.  As the days add up, it may help to find someone you can confide in, if not your family then maybe a close friend or clergy person.  You are trying to stay strong for everyone else, but it's you who will living this.

So, if nothing else, come here to ask, wonder, rant, whatever.  No matter what, you are quite likely to find someone(s) who understands exactly what you are going through, and that can be a great comfort.  Nobody gets it like someone who's been there.

I am well over six years out from stage III throat cancer, no primary found.  Did the surgery and radiation, but not chemo.  It was bad, but it gets better, and I am now able to do whatever I like.

All the best,


Chemo hit me like a hammer.. was not expecting it so soon but meds help...radiation is 2 down now and that mask is no joke.. i now know what to expect from chemo... gonna try to stay on top of it...  

Good luck and stay strong!

SO many have gone through this here, myself included (I was also Stage 4).

Radiation will get worse as it progresses.  I needed the feeding tube.  I had Cisplatin and had a hard time with it.

The treatment is rough and you know that.  The good news is - you're going to be alright!!!!!  NOT all cancer patients can say this.  The other good news is that your / our treatment is very well defined and we know the end; X # radiation (mine was 36) and x # chemo (mine was 3).  I used this to countdown to the end!  33% done....50% done....75% done...etc.

I wish you lots of luck, good health and lean on us - this board was my savior especially towards the end when I felt horrible, had phlegm, the feeding tube and all that comes with it!


I am going to be brutally honest - if your dad has the same chemo (Cisplatin) and radiation (36 on head & neck) many of us have had - it's going to be rough at his age.  It was tough for me and I was 52.

The good news is - if it's HPV related it's VERY curable.

Mine had spread to lymphnodes as many others here did.

Is it HPV related do you know?

Best of luck to dad!!

RE: Have tumor on tonsil

by Mark06074 - June 22, 2017


Many of us started the same way you did - my story is almost identical.  Sore throat for over a month finally decide to go to doctor - and BAM!

The best news I have (because cancer is such a scary word) is that if you're not a smoker it's likely HPV.  Why is that good news?  The survival rates are screamingly HIGH!  Like the rest of us - you're (very) likely to beat the darn thing!

Now the bad news - it won't be fun.

BUT...I'll trade a great prognosis with difficult treatment ANY day over not so difficult treatment but 50/50 chance of survival.

My hunch is you'll have the chemo and radiation after surgery.  GREAT luck and please keep us updated.  We are all here to help!!

Hey - CONGRATS!  Ain't it great to be alive!?

In 3 weeks (6/20) I celebrate my 4th anniversary of my last radiation treatment.  I feel SO good today and will add...

THIS board was my savior.  NO place else could I go and talk to people about feeding tubes and phlegm.  The recipes, suggestions and moral support are what I needed to get me through.  I went from 175 lb to 135 lb - but 3+ years back in the gym and I am better than new!

I hope others can celebaret as we can.

Well, come back now that you have a couple of excellent (recent) replies! :)

Hope thinhgs turn the corner for you guys...

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