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Hi,Mark here.( pic was taken in 07 )The beautiful lady behind me is my daughter Angie,I think she is so beautiful.I am a blessed man.I have had a few of my friends on this site ask me if I would give a little more detail about the gbm4 brain tumor that I had removed 6yrs.ago >2005..I was dx with gbm4 about 1cm.left side of the brain.Went thru the standard procedure,surgery 2 remove it,radiation & chemo 2 follow up.After the chemo & radiation treatments,there have been no more issues.6yrs.later,I'm posting on this board,in hopes of giving hope to others who have/or are going thru this gbm4 @ this time in their lives.By Gods undeserved grace,I am here & doing well.Since the operation in feb.03-05 ,all of my mri's have come back clean.Let me say here,that these last 6yrs.that I have had 2 get my life back on track,has been a real gift from God.It has nothing to do with any thing I have done,or accomplished on my own.This truly has been a touch from the Masters hand in my life.What He has done 4 me,is nothing short of a miricle.I believe if u allow Him,He wants 2 touch & restore each of our lives,spirituallly & physically.Won't u please give Him the chance to do that.Blessings-markt..

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