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    Hi there!  I am sorry to hear of your dad, but keep hope - God is in control! My dad is doing well - he recently finished his 6 weeks of radiation/Temador and is on his 4 week "break."   He is following a very strict therapeutic Keto diet under a nutritionists care.  I highly suggest reading Keto for Cancer by Miriam Kalamian.  He sticks to a high fat, low protein/carb diet - no sugar and very l...

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      Hi there!  Is he still taking the CCNU and Tamoxifen or did he only do those drugs during radiation/chemo?  We are looking at the Care Oncology protocol, but I've been interested in adding other repurposed drugs.  My dad was recently diagnosed with GBM four weeks ago and he is just now starting Standard of Care.  We are also using various supplements and he is doing the KETO diet.  

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