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    Here you go i had the same TX but a tonsillectomy three weeks before, didint get tube untill three weeks in. Liquid Hope for the tube- google it, very high calorie and protien which you need. it has 430 cal per bag, I ate thru the whole time but supplemented with 2 bags a day, i actually gained weight. almond butter 200 calories per tbl spoon in smoothie avacado eggs-sunny side slide down the best oatmeal w/map...

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      hey guys 9-10 months out here, seems once in awhiloe if I over do it the fatigue comes on but it is getting less and less and less severe as well. Nausea is a big one for me but thats getting better as well, i hate when someone says listen to your body. I bike surf and run with my two kids but know that feeling of not being able to participate like before, it will come, they are young have faith ..

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        3 1/2 months post rt for t1n1 tonsil cancer and started to feel same thing, when I do my neck exercises looking down I get weird sensation in butt to thighs, hmmm Let's see , I'm sure like everything else I think it will be forever but turns out to be a lot shorter than forever haha Like your husband I am doing very well since I was in peak shape when I started but also that has made me impatient for more success...

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          Hey mark Hang in there buddy I just past the 3 mo mark from last treatment and fatigue and napping is thing of the past. There is a product called liquid hope, Google it, for the feeding tube that is pretty good stuff and I believe helped me heal quicker and keep weight on. I lost 3 lbs total thru it all, but keep trying to eat something everyday, scrambled eggs, oatmeal etc. your gonna make it, easy does it,,,

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            I recently underwent modified radical neck disection which was a succes, cancer microscopically out of the margin on right tonsil and am looking at RT in the next few weeks. I am told that the dose will be lower than if it would have been radiation alone instaead of surgery. Does anyone have any experience with this a can offer some advice? I am a 53 yr old healthy male. thanks for your help

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              Bill First thanks for sharing all of your journey so far. I'm the new guy in the room here. It's day 4 after surgery and grateful to be out of hospital. I'm 53 years old ex smoker and HPV negative but p16 was present on pathology. I had modified radical neck dissection at Sloane in NY. I am eating whatever I can to keep weight on in the case I go for radiation, they have ruled out chemo as I was early. The throat pa...

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              Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Tonsils Cancer
              After Treatment, Radiation, Side Effects, Surgery, Acupuncture

              53 yr old male diagnosed stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma on tonsil with three lymph nodes affected
              underwent modified radical neck dissection on 8/19/15. Started radiation 9/28/15
              33 treatments
              Completed radiation treatment on nov 11 2015
              4 1/2 months post tx and doing well
              PETscan clear
              7 month scope check up clear
              Eating well
              10lbs lighter than before and ok with that

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